Enjoy Signature Seals with an Innovative Design

Carved Signature Seals have a long history in Japan, beginning almost 2000 years ago, becoming highly developed in the Edo Period, and continuing as a cultural asset since the Meiji Period. Signature Seals have supported Japanese culture in many ways, and today are recognized by the government as a tangible cultural asset, containing not just a person’s name, but also something of their character, story, and vision. WA-IN means Signature or Story Seal, and it has applications ranging from Seals for calligraphy, letters, paintings, to show ownership of books, formal requests, and numerous creative applications for daily life. Hand-carved seals can also be digitized, allowing for an even greater range of practical and decorative applications.

【Examples of Signature Seals】
Our Signature Seals are carved by a Certified Traditional Seal Artist.

Samurai William

William Reed, USA, Yamanashi Yakuin University Professor, 10th-dan in Calligraphy, 8th-dan in Aikido

(Samurai)(Will) + (Helmet). A Samurai is one who serves, literally the person at the temple. The German name Wilhem is the origin of the name William, combining the elements of will and desire (Wil) with helmet and protection (helm). In combination it reads, Samurai William.

Spear of Wisdom

Roger James Hamilton, Bali, Indonesia, author, educator, and social entrepreneur, Asia’s leading Wealth Consultant.

英知 (Wisdom) (Spear)
The Normans brought the name Roger to England, and the name means Famous Spear, which appears in the center of the Seal. We have added the word for Wisdom inthe background, combining the elements of Englandand Knowledge . In combination it reads, Spear of Wisdom.


Ronnie Watt, Scotland, Karate Master and founder of the Order of the Scottish Samurai,

(Brave) (Heart) is a symbol of the Courage and Independence of Scotland, as well as the Bravery of the Samurai. In combination it reads, Braveheart .

【Examples Printed with Digital Data】