Thank you for your interest in a Signature Story Seal.
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Per 60.000~

We carve the seal after receiving your approval on the design.
Our Signature Seals are carved by a Certified Traditional Seal Artist.

We design the Signature Seal based on a consultation about the story or message that you wish to convey, and the meaning of the characters assigned to your name. The hand-carved seal will be a one of a kind original seal. The time to produce the Seal averages 22 days, but may vary depending on your approval or discussions on the design.

Flow of Order Process

1. Fill out order form

1 day
Please fill out the order form online, by clicking here.

2. Proposed characters for the Seal (2 alternative designs to choose from)

5 days
We will select customized characters based on our consultation, and send you two proposed alternative character combinations.

3. Select characters

3 days
Please make your selection from our proposed character combinations.

4. Propose design

5 days
We will create a customized design and script using the selected characters to bring your story to life. We can provide up to 2 designs or alternatives. If you require additional designs, this will involve additional costs.

5. Process order

3 days
It will take 5 days to process the order and issue it to the Certified Traditional Seal Carver for hand- carving.

6. Seal Carving

5 days
Your Seal will be carved by a Certified Traditional Seal Carver, and we will also produce a digitized data from the hand-carved seal.

7. Seal Delivery

Please allow a total of 22 days for completion of the carving, production of the digital data, and delivery of the Seal.

This is the Flow of the Order process for a WA-IN Hand-Carved Signature Seal. If you are interested in having your own customized seal produced, please contact us by filling out the form and placing your order online.
If you have additional questions regarding the ordering process, please contact us through the online Inquiry form.